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Nov 2011 Minutes

  • B-17 arrives 28 Nov & departs 01 Dec. We need to man their trailer and the plane for tours. Please contact Buddy or George if you can help.
  • 13 members attended this months meeting and we had 1 guest.
  • Airport Authority reimbursed us for costs from the last fly-in and 80th anniv. day.
  • SOH had a good report.
  • New Years day Rachel at the cafe is having a lunch. If you can show support for the cafe please attend. Cost unknown at this time.
  • Membership renewals will be going out soon. Please renew early….and often.
  • Holiday in Dixie this spring:Keep April 14th open as we will have some sort of event at the airport. Type unknown.
  • Unofficially:Leah and Mike are looking into prices and pictures for vinyl signs for outside the hanger.


Oct Minutes

  • George hopes to have the wall framed for the pocket doors this month. We need to plan to sheetrock, paint and replace ceiling tiles in the meeting room.
  • The B17 will be here Nov 28th, 29th, 30th and Dec 01. We need to man the booth and plane on the 29th and 30th. If you can help please contact Buddy Camp or George
  • We could have had a better showing of AC for last months Airport celebration. Let’s get the word out now for our fly-in in the spring.


July Minutes

  • We met in the airport lobby. Quite a few people attended.
  • Relatives of Marion Cole and Gary Boucher were on hand to sign copies of Marions biography written by Gary.
  • Any suggestions for Xmas Banquet please contact George.
  • The City wants us to do a fly-in this fall. George will meet to set dates. Possibly the 3rd saturday in September right now. Please contact whoever you can do get this moving. We will need people for this event. We may have some funding available from the city.
  • Our Holiday in Dixie fly-in next spring looks like 14 April 2012 so keep that in mind also. We need planes, ideas, and people.
  • Spirit of Haughton had a good report.


June Minutes

  • We had about 9 members in attendance.
  • April 21, 2012 has been tentatively set for our annual airport event.
  • George and Robert B. have plans to make some changes to the display case in the terminal to make it more dynamic.
  • We discussed the idea of a wallet sized calendar to remind people of chapter meetings and aviation events.
  • Thanks Ralph! The AC kept us from melting in this heat.
  • Remember, if you have anything you would like posted, feel free to contact the Webmaster.


May Minutes

  • We had about 14 members in attendance.
  • David Williamson’s widow spoke with George about contributing to some kind of award in David’s honor if we create it.
  • No Spirit of Haughton report as no SOH members were present.
  • Reminder: Jefferson, Tx fly in next weekend.
  • We discussed in length the idea for an Airshow next spring. The airport and city seem interested in the idea. Please take the survey you will find linked on the front page of the website so we can see how many people are interested. Discussion included needs, insurance, sponsorships for planes, fuel, advertising, combining the event with other city events (holiday in dixie, red revel, etc…) perhaps dedicating the event to Mr. Marion Cole if he and his family do not object, logistics such as parking, portapotty and other equipment rentals. Mostly it was agreed we need manpower and money if we are going to have a successful event. Dates will probably be around early april 2012.
  • Mike will be putting finance reports in the files section. Also, he will be replacing all secure files and the new code to open them will be the hanger code (as the gate code has changed) If you don’t know the code, contact George or Mike via the President or webmaster links on the lower right.


January Minutes

  • We had about 17 members in attendance.
  • George is planning on having the pocket door and wall framed and ready for sheetrock by months end.
  • The march 21st fly-in needs people. We all need to get the word out to pilots within 200 miles.  If you know anyone that can bring an aircraft please contact them. We have Hugh H bringing a small warbird and our local Civil Air Patrol will have a plane and people to help out and to recruit. Any other Aviation related club or business is welcome. Contact George with any ideas.
  • Mike received an EAA Chapter Service Award for work on the website.
  • Ralph F has plans for a new heating system and cooling unit for the hanger.
  • Roof still leaks, but only when it rains. A parachute cover was suggested and will be bought as a temporary fix for the hanger area.


December Minutes

  • About 50 people attended the annual Christmas Party and we hope all had a good time.
  • Congratulations to Ralph Forrester, the 2010 winner of the Spirit of Haughton award for his hard work and dedication in keeping the hanger in good shape.
  • Thanks to the runner-up Leigh Mueller for all the great artwork and taking on the t-shirt project.


November Minutes

  • November 20 meeting began at 9:30 a.m. 19 members present and 1 visitor
  • Our visitor today is Dakota Clark the grandson of Mike Malec
  • The passing of Richard Cox’s dad was announced and Buddy Camp had a card for all chapter members to sign. It was asked that everyone keep Richard and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Finance Report – None as Randy was unable to make it to the meeting today!
  • SOH Report – Ralph Forrester, an SOH member, said it flew for him the last time he was in it!
  • Website – Mike H said things were fine and people were using it as a resource!
  • T‐Shirt Report – Nate and Leah indicated sales were going well and will provide updated numbers soon!


  • Today marks the beginning of our annual membership drive / renewal and we hope everyone will rejoin. Forms have been mailed out and are available on the website.
  • Homer Purtle hosted a presentation on Ameila Earhart and the www.tighar.org. Homer’s presentation was very interesting and greatly enjoyed! Thank you Homer for putting this program together!


October Minutes

  • 19 members / 0 guests. The members that were there, cleaned up the hangar and hauled out all of the trash and garbage! It took about an hour and everyone really did a great job getting every thing in shape!
  • Randy Northcutt presented both a financial report and an update on the Spirit of Haughton
  • October 30, 2010 has been slated for a Young Eagles event hosted by the chapter for the Girl Scouts of America! So far, Martin McCoy, Richard Cox, Dave Leedom, Rob Crawford, Steve Roop, and Tom Owen have agreed to fly the participants on introductory flights! Nathan Mueller is coordinating the event with RAPCON and tower personnel at KDTN. Some of the participants are driving in from as far as south Louisiana to get their first ride in a airplane. The chapter really needs to support this activity and the event needs more volunteers. Please contact George at (318) 797-5205 if you wish to help. Thank you! George
  • Leah Mueller, with husband Nate, and Randy Northcutt unboxed the new T-Shirts, arranged, organized, and distributed them! The shirts are very attractive and well done! It was decided that those who originally placed orders would pay $10 each for shirts and any additional sales of shirts would be at $15 each while supplies last! Thank you Leah, Nate, and Randy for handling this! In addition Thank you Jack for your help as well!
  • Please be aware of your prop blast around the hangers. Turning around in the wrong area blows grass and debris into the hanger. If you make a mess, please clean it. (As I tell my 3 yr old)
  • Martin McCoy just came back from a trip to Witchita, Kansas where he toured the Yingling Aviation facility where the Cessna Skycatchers are being assembled. Martin provided insight into where the planes are actually built (China) and how they are transported to the US and subsequently assembled in Kansas. Thank you Martin for your presentation.
  • March 19, 2011 has been set aside as our fly in date for next year! All members are asked to support this fly in with suggestions and volunteerism the date of the fly in. More information will be fourth coming!


September Minutes

  • There will be a hanger cleaning after the Oct. 16th chapter meeting. Help would be appreciated.
  • Chapter t-shirts should be available in about 1 week. Contact tshirt@eaachapter343.org to order.
  • The chapter Christmas party will be on Dec. 16th starting around 7pm at the stone’s throw cafe inside the airport terminal.
  • Spirit of Haughton is currently down due to a sticky brake.
  • The hanger roof only leaks when it rains, so pray for dry weather.
  • Fire extinguishers have been purchased and are at George’s house where they belong.


August Minutes

  • 17 members were in attendance. Meeting location was in the Southern Universities classroom across from the airport managers office. A big thanks to Dave Fogleman for allowing us to meet there. (He did say he’d send us the bill *smile*)
  • Members decided this years Christmas party will be arranged at ‘A Stone’s Throw Cafe located in the airport terminal.
  • Leah M. Has finished our new sign and it should be put in the Display case this week in the terminal.
  • George researched the origin of the Chapter logo and contacted Steve Ward, the creator. Steve won a logo contest by the Chapter in the 1980’s. We hope to reward him with a t-shirt or two soon.
  • A non-event involving the seat occurred with the SOH and a slight modification has been made. An intermittent radio gripe is being looked at today.
  • Members decided to order 100 t-shirts of various sizes and colors. See post on the main page for more details.
  • Mike did a presentation of the website for those unfamiliar with it.


July Minutes

George asks that we please respect adjoining hanger properties by not driving across grassy areas especially when the ground is damp. We currently have our lot mowed by a generous neighbor and do not wish to ruffle any feathers. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Artwork for the Chapter logo for t-shirts and signs is mostly finished and we hope to have samples here soon for members approval. Leaha has done a great job on the artwork. Plans for ordering chapter t-shirts should be coming soon.

The BBQ planned for next month is going to be put off until cooler weather.

Spirit of Haughton: Hank gave the aircraft a good report and all is in working order.

Plans for inside renovations at the hanger are on hold until leaks are tracked down in the roof. It leaks during heavy rains and winds. George hopes we can complete roof repairs by the end of the calender year.

Plans are in the works for a calender page for the chapter similar to the one we have for the Spirit of Haughton.

June Minutes

George contacted kdtn and we can paint the hanger as long as we do not get overspray on any persons or properties and we use a tasteful color.

2 fire extinguishers have been purchased and will be installed soon in the hanger.

The roof leaks are mostly gone, only 2 or 3 known spots to fix yet.

We may be holding summer meetings at “A Stones Throw Cafe” located in the airport terminal due to excessive heat. Look there if the hanger is closed.

Changes will be coming to our sign in the terminal showcase showing corrected meeting dates and times and will also have the website address for those wishing to become new members