We had 54 people at the dinner. Congrats to Hardy Cole for this years SOH award. Congrats to Francine and Ralph for the Volunteer Spirit award. 12 dec 13 minutes Don’t forget! Fly-in/Brunch hosted by A Stones Throw Cafe at the terminal 01 January 2014 from 10 to 2.

12 December Christmas dinner

Please keep Jack L. in your thoughts and prayers. Jack too a nasty fall this week and will take a while to recuperate. Please read Novembers minutes for up to date news. Christmas party 12 dec 13 Ralph & Kakoos 6pm 23 nov 13 minutes

23 November 13

Date for Xmas party is 12 Dec 2013 at Ralph & Kakoos  at 18:00 (6pm) again Members voted to raise Dues to $40 starting 2014. Tubreaux Aviation gave members demos of the new Red Bird motion flight simulator at the airport terminal. Please plan to attend the 1 Jan 14 […]

28 Sept 13