Aviation Day/Young eagles flights March 19th 10am-2pm

The chapter is putting together an Aviation Day at kdtn on Saturday March 19th from 10am to 2pm.

The Chapter already has scheduled Young eagles flight on that date. We will use this date as our annual fly-in so tell anyone you can. The Civil Air patrol plans to have a plane or two parked by the terminal and have pilots and cadets for recruitment. I was hoping we could do the same thing, have folks to handle the public, hand out flyers, taxi a few planes over for the day. A small warbird or two plans to park for the day, trying to get the US Army reserve, Caddo Sheriffs office and anyone else I can to attend. Rachel from a stones throw is willing to help out  and promote the event on the radio beforehand.

So, any ideas, groups, planes, etc you can think of would be appreciated. If the event is successful, we can plan a larger event next year perhaps.

Please contact myself or George if you can volunteer,

Thanks, webmaster
More news: The chapter and A Stones Throw cafe will give free burgers to Pilots (no passengers) who “FLY” in for the event.
Millon Air FBO has donated 50 gallons of free fuel to the aircraft determined to have flown in from the furthest airport for the event.